It’s official we’re over budget!!

A few weeks ago we were looking at the progress around the house and we knew the project was going to be delayed; we also knew it meant going over budget. So, on Friday afternoon as I was updating the project plan, the budgeted figure went from black to red – bollocks!! I then decided to do […]

I’ve missed you stinky fish!!

We’ve now been cooking out of the summer house for approximately 7 weeks. It’s generally been fine, we’ve eaten homemade, wholesome meals without spending more than normal; considering the circumstances and lack of cooking equipment, I’m rather pleased with ourselves. The only downside is that myself and Mr Water-B are mainly fish eaters. We do enjoy an […]

It’s time to write a complaint!!

So, the other day I wrote that I was thinking about writing a complaints letter to our kitchen provider. Well, today after another “issue” was discovered by our kitchen fitters I decided that a letter needed to be written. I  have spent the last two hours composing my letter and emailed it a few minutes ago. I’m […]

Marinade – I love you!!

The other week my good friend invited us round for dinner and we had an indoor BBQ as the weather just wasn’t going to let the al fresco experience happen. We had some delicious sausages and burgers but the star of the night was the marinaded chicken pieces – oh boy, they were sublime!! I […]

£6.34 over budget!!

So I’m sure there are a lot of people out there that might consider £6.34 over budget no real biggie!! It’s tiny in the grand scheme of things and can either be recouped the following week or offset against all those times of being under budget. And although this is true, being over budget hurts – […]