Not sure where last week went…

I’m not really sure what happened last week but it went speeding by; I didn’t even get a chance to breath let alone write!! So here is what happened. On Friday of last week, the builders packed up their things, said their goodbyes and left – which meant one thing. Yup, that’s right!! I’ve got my house […]

I love a productive weekend!!

I still quite can’t’ believe what an awesome, productive day yesterday was for our household – what’s even better, we originally thought it would end up being bitty and fragmented!! One of the greatest joys of going to bed early is the next day usually starts at the crack of dawn. Roll on 7am and […]

And it’s still not finished!!

Another week down and still no glimmer of moving back in. We’ve hit a few snags, surprise, surprise!! This week, we’ve had to turn an external door around as the wooden flooring was too high; we would never have been able to open our side door again, so we didn’t get a lot of choice […]

Cooking with lamb shanks…

As part of my trip to the butchers in search of cheap cuts of meat, our butcher recommended lamb shanks. They’re ideal for the slow cooker and one lamb shank is more than enough meat for two people. Here is how I cooked mine: First I created a dry rub of salt, pepper, garlic powder, […]

What a busy weekend!!

I’m conscious that I haven’t had an opportunity to post any house updates recently. It’s just been ever so busy both at work and with the house as well as trying to run a home. So, this is where we currently are: After 11 weeks of renovation work, the builders should be finished this weekend, […]